Wireframe Design

wireframe Design

In order to define the best solution possible we need to be able to articulate our design ideas and iterate them quickly based on internal design workshops, feedback from our customers and thoughts from the end users. At Compsoft Creative we use iterative wireframing for this process. 

Wireframes mean different things to different people. We use Wireframes (sketch style screens a bit like a storyboard) to detail the screens for a solution, the navigation between them and the features these screens will support. However it isn't simply functionality that the Wireframes help us define, it's also the flow of the app, the animation and transitions, even the character and tone of voice is defined.

The Wireframes represent the basis of the solution's concept and design and while it undoubtedly will evolve as it goes through the graphic design, prototype, demonstrator and ultimately the production phase, it all starts with these rapidly produced, sketchy Wireframes.


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