At Compsoft Creative we develop mobile apps for smart phones and tablets on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. We develop native apps using the tool sets provided by Apple, Google and Windows (Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio) and where appropriate we will use cross platform technologies such as HTML5.

We are vertical agnostic, and this is key; developers who focus in a single sector (such as pharmacy or banking) tend to have preconceptions about the way things should work and are not able to think creatively when posed with a functional or technical challenge.

You are experts in your business - we are experts in mobile app development, able to draw on our breadth of experience which is eclectic and saturated in twelve years of developing mobile apps for a wide range of businesses.

What in practice does it mean for you? It means phrases like ‘we could use the same approach we used with that ecommerce app in this navigation app’ or ‘that feature we used in the baptism app would be awesome in this waste management app’ . Our pedigree is such that we can have those eureka moments which turn your mobile app from another mobile app in 5 million to something which can really stand out. 


full service provider

We provide a full service approach providing Business Analysis, UI Design, Graphic Design and of course Development, Testing, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Support. 

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