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Compsoft Creative Spatial Experiences App

Spatial Computing technology revolutionises how we experience work, sales and demonstration, learning, home, health, entertainment, and social interactions using mixed reality and fully immersive environments.

Compsoft Creative’s award winning technical and UX experts have developed an Apple Vision Pro app which offers a spectrum of innovative mixed reality and fully immersive experiences into which users can place their own content and narratives. The app demonstrates the Spatial Computing experience including technologies to support Remote Control, Remote Presence, Tactile Feedback, and, in partnership with robotics experts BOW, Digital Twin technology.

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watch highlights from our apple vision pro Spatial Experiences App 

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Spatial Computing Technologies

Remote control


In systems which include distributed smart devices, be that a robot or sensor, actuator or node, centralised control is often required. We create UX and communication mechanisms from API calls to Socket and MQTT based solutions.

Remote presence


There are two concepts inside Remote Presence. The first takes Remote Control to the next level where not only do you have control of a device, but you can use its ‘eyes’, ‘ears’, and other sensors to be present in a remote space, including communicating with those on the ground. The second is a collaborative way of working which takes video calls to the Spatial World. A perfect example is Apple’s SharePlay combined in a spatial app, where your colleagues' personas in the room with you along with your content

Tactile feedback


Today’s technology with 4k rendering, high performance passthrough means immersive spatial experiences feel real. Tactile Feedback is the logical next step in this evolution and Compsoft Creative are partnering with a number of emerging companies developing products in this sector

digital twinning


Developing and testing robotic and automated solutions is expensive and time consuming. It’s important that you are able to simulate and monitor your real word assets, in real time, to ensure you are getting the best out of your investment. A digital twin allows you to monitor and test your systems, giving key stake holders instant access to how their physical assets are performing

spatial digital twinning


The world of IoT has accelerated this space and now allows us to maintain a live, real world view of physical spaces, be that a city centre, a group of buildings, or assets in the field. Spatial Digital Twinning allows key stakeholders to have an oversight of data, patterns, and assets operating in the real world

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“It is only when you’ve seen the possibilities Spatial Computing offers firsthand, that it changes the way you think. Today’s tech is truly revolutionary, it’s the beginning of a major evolution in the way we interact with the digital world”