Compsoft has been around a while – since the late 1970s in fact – which is a long time for an IT company! The last 40+ years has seen Compsoft adapt, innovate and evolve.

We spent our early years developing some pretty hard core systems and software. However there are a number of interesting turning points in our history; the launch of our bespoke development department in 2003, the introduction of our in-house design agency in 2006…

…and then Apple announced the iPhone in 2007…

We quickly recognised that the introduction of the iPhone opened up a whole world of opportunities for application developers and when Apple released the SDK in 2008 we registered as developers and the ‘Silver Fox’ was coding that same day on a shiny new Mac Mini and we delivered our first commercial iOS app in 2009.

The rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to our insight and willingness to take a risk, our technical prowess, our design ability and an uncanny understanding for the touch interface, we focused wholly on mobile app development and quickly became leaders in our field picking up Android and Windows, adding them to our repertoire, as they were released.

The most recent significant event in our history was during 2016 when the bespoke arm of Compsoft broke away from the legacy licensing side of the business in order to wholly focus on building mobile apps. Compsoft Plc became Compsoft Creative and the future looks bright!