why should you choose us?

Compsoft Creative has been around for over 40 years now, though we don’t look a day over 21! Interested in our fascinating history? Read more about it here.

But just because we’ve been around the block, don’t assume we’re dull and dusty. In truth, Compsoft Creative has a rich history of innovation and creativity and we pride ourselves on keeping at the very the cutting edge of tech.  Some key ‘firsts’;

  • We were the first development house in the UK to officially offer iPhone development (within days of Apple making the SDK available). The same goes for Android and Windows when they quickly followed Apple’s lead.
  • We’ve developed apps to be preinstalled on new Android devices, in particular the first Galaxy Tab for MTV and Samsung (getting our hands on a top secret prototype).
  • We were one of the first to develop for Pebble, Apple Watch and Google Glass.
  • We developed apps which utilised iBeacon technology the year of its release.

In fact, when the sun goes down our team doesn’t stop, holding regular mini DevCons and Game Jams which draw in developers from miles around. Through these, the team can increase their already broad knowledge and fuel their burning passion for all things technical and mobile.

Today you’ll find an enthusiastic team of Developers, Designers, UX specialists and Project Delivery staff working closely together to produce the very best of breed in mobile apps. Collectively our dev team has a broad skillset which covers technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Java, HTML5, .NET, SQL, C++ and so on…

We are a team focused on excellence, innovation and we enjoy being challenged. We want to see your app becoming a huge success and will do everything we can to make it one.

Other interests include; office badminton, party popper moments, employee of the month lucky dip, pool, weekly pub lunch, Friday milkshakes and the long-distance tea toss…