Ongoing app development

We offer ongoing development

We want to have a long and fruitful relationship with our customers. For obvious reasons, the better your app does, the better that is for us. However we aren’t all about the wonga, we are also really passionate about the apps we build. We love what we do, and genuinely want the apps we create to be a success so we can sit back and say to our friends at the  pub (NDA allowing) ‘we built that we did’.

For those customers on one of our support contracts ongoing development is a natural evolution, especially if you have signed up to Evolve. Being supported isn’t a prerequisite although it’s better value for you if you do, as you’ll get to take advantage of the discounted rates!

We treat ongoing development pretty much as we treat a new product, with the key advantage we already know the app and your business. However we will still revisit the business reasons for making changes, explore options related to how the changes could be implemented, evaluate whether there is any new tech which we can take advantage.

Changes could be minor updates and tweaks (point releases) to major upgrades and re-designs (version updates). If you are serious about your app you should be planning for updates. Sometimes changes are forced upon you by changes made by Apple or Google (if you are supported you will get warning of these changes so are no nasty surprises) other times you’ll instigate the change yourself.

Whatever the reason we are here to help.

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