Ecommerce app development

Ecommerce app development

Ecommerce apps are an essential part of a business, whose business it is to sell goods or services. However this sector is not the reserve of the high-street titans, there is room for the small to medium sized business or start-up who wants to use a mobile app as a means to sell to their customers.

We develop apps which are your traditional ecommerce apps, but we also deliver apps which are more boutique in their approach. Apps which either sell physical goods or services or in-app digital services.

We understand the complex rules, especially as it pertains to Apple with regards to what you can charge using an external payment provider and for what you need to use in-app purchase and when you should use Apple Pay.

We know how to design an app which sells high value goods, really communicating to the user when they should part with their hard earned cash and making it an easy and reliable process for them.

As part of our support offering we will track and monitor your ecommerce app, seeing where it is working and where it is not, and recommend changes that we think would make your app more effective.

We also understand an ecommerce app is something the user has chosen to install and it’s important we, as app designers and developers, make it worth their while. Therefore it should not simply be how much money can we get from the customer, but how can we improve their buying experience.

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