Ongoing app consulting


What we don’t know about app development is not worth knowing. Our knowledge is not limited to the technical ins and outs of this industry, no, it’s a pervasive knowledge that covers all aspects of mobile app development.

We work hard to garner this deep understanding of mobile app development by attending events such as Apple’s WWDC and Google’s IO conference. That, and by working on a broad spectrum of projects and technologies.

We do this for two reasons – firstly, we really enjoy it. The team here at Compsoft Creative is made up of individuals who are passionate about technology and innovation, particularly in the mobile sector. Secondly, we love solving problems for our customers and want to use our expertise to make your apps better!

Our approach is one of collaboration – getting an understanding of your business and what you need from the app. Once we have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it we shift our focus onto your users. We ask questions like; who are your users? Why do they want your app? What time of the day will they use it? What makes them download it? How can we deliver your feature or service in a way that keeps them engaged longer term?

We then go into an iterative creative phase where our UX design team, tech team and business analysis team work to design a solution which best meets your needs as a business as well as the needs of the end user. We bring everything we have in terms of knowledge and experience to bear on your solution. We’ll often go through two or three iterations of the Wireframes before presenting a version to you to get your feedback and input. We’ll work with you to revise and amend the Wireframes until you are satisfied we have something which represents a good ‘version one’.

This consultancy phase always precedes development and is something which can support those looking for investment as the output is useful in investment packs, when there is a need to demonstrate something tangible to investors.

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