Prototype Development

Prototype Development

When you are treading a path hitherto untrod, sometimes you might not be quite sure how you are going to achieve your goal. Sure, you'll have some theories about how things might work and how they will hang together. But you can't be sure it will actually work until you build it!

However, building it could cost a fortune, take time and - in some cases - fail.

Enter Solution Prototyping. There are a number of scenarios when we will use prototyping; when the user experience needs to be trialed by end users before going to production, to removed technical risk and uncertainty, or to prove to stakeholders that a certain element of the solution will work in the real world.

Compsoft Creative is able to develop working prototypes quickly and efficiently, with a keen understanding of what to make 'real' and what to fake or hack into place. And yes, we said hack, sometimes a hack in a prototype will save thousands of pounds - you of course stop hacking once you get to production!

If you have an idea, but you need to try it out in any way - get in touch with our team who would be happy to help get you started on the discovery.


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