IoT App Development

IoT App Development

The app is no longer king. More and more solutions are not simply an app and web-platform, but solutions which integrate into physical devices. These days, apps are often part of the IoT or ‘Internet of Things’. We are seeing more smart devices in the home, workplace or even on the road which are capable of connecting to the internet, and to each other, to create a network of automated and highly controllable hardware. Use cases you might be familiar with are home automation systems (think Hive, Philips Hue etc.) So, if you have an idea, say to control a light, turn up the heating, close a gate… you name it, we can help make it happen.

Here, at Compsoft Creative, we work hard to keep up to date on all the things and this is no less the case here. Our services include R&D, prototyping, designing, developing and delivery your IoT solution. We will work with you on the hardware and software and if you want to utilise tools such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple TV with Apple’s Home Kit - no problem, we've got you covered. We develop for all of these solutions.

Don’t want to utilise an existing system, but want to stand up your own cloud controlled software? Again, not a problem - cloud services are part of our DNA thanks to our history of building kick ass web-based cloud solutions, before we even caught the mobile bug in 2009.
Having an app talk to the internet is one thing, but we have been connecting to hardware devices (such as e-bikes, cable tensioners, electronic testers, e-pens etc) wirelessly over Bluetooth and WiFi, before the term IoT was even a thing.

We will work closely with you to define the best user experience for your IoT solution. What voice commands will the device respond to? What pre-sets need to be saved? How and when should the user be able to update them?

Building an IoT solution is a complex undertaking but you can have confidence that your friends here at Compsoft Creative have the breadth of skill and ability to make it happen.

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