Demonstrator Development

Demonstrator Development

Demonstrator Solutions are a bit like prototypes but are typically much more simple from a technical perspective. The idea of a demonstrator is something which is able to tell the story of your solution by looking real while not having any true functionality.

For example you might have a great idea for a mobile app and want to convey this idea to investors but find it difficult to communicate the concept. A Demonstrator will look and feel like a real app, with real designs, real buttons, but have a hard coded narrative. You can tap through the screens, see the app animate, wait while the app pretends to connect to the internet etc. You can present the app to potential users or investors while telling its story and generate excitement for a product which looks and feels very real, without actually building it!

A Demonstrator is a cost effective way of testing user's appetite for your mobile app or solution. It is great for you to see how the app will behave on your device and for garnering feedback from potential users.

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