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Compsoft Creative's two decades of design expertise is constantly evolving with trends and advances in both design and technology.  Alongside current and developing ideas, and best practice, we embrace universally adopted design theory.

From the mid twentieth century onwards, a foundation of design and human behaviour theory has been established from many, many well respected great minds such as the examples of; John Postel, Jakob Nielsen, George Miller, Max Wertheimer, Paul Fitts, and William Edmund Hick.

There is a wealth of theory that paves the way for excellence in UX and UI design addressing function, flow, interaction, aesthetics, and human behaviour. We have listed some application of theory in the below Compsoft Creative best practice design guidelines.

Reduce the number of steps and options. The user can become overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated when bombarded with too many choices, steps, and labyrinth paths to achieve their objective (Miller’s Law & Hick’s Law). 

Be consistent and standardised throughout the app with regards to colour palette, typography, icons, layout, language, and process.

Use familiar concepts where possible, don’t re-design widely adopted elements that are instinctive to the user (Jakob's Law), for example, hamburger menus, sliders, back buttons, and swipe and pinch gestures.

Minimise user effort by automating tasks, allowing predictive suggestions and pre-filled forms (Postel’s Law).

Remove uncertainty and frustration which can lead to abandonment of the app. Ensure the user can easily navigate, and find their way back again. Use appropriately sized and uncluttered buttons (Fitts’ Law). Provide clear error messaging with helpful next steps (Postel’s Law).

Provide a feedback loop using immediate visual, haptic, or auditory feedback to confirm interaction, or longer term progress response.

Support new users with an onboarding process. Ideally, an app should be intuitive and not even require onboarding, however, when new, or complex ideas and function are required, simple, concise onboarding is crucial for the user to feel comfortable using the app.

The Compsoft Creative team would be delighted to work with you to help deliver premium, refined, and innovative solutions of the highest quality. If you have a mobile appIoT, contactless  or interactive wearables project you are considering which requires our UX/UI design and technical expertise, please get in touch! 

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