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How To Get App Downloads

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no greater injustice in the world than creating an amazing app only to see it struggle for downloads. But of course we’d say that. We are an app development company after all.

Seriously, though, it can prove pretty demoralising, after all that time and money you’ve poured into such a work of art, something you’re so proud of.

However, given that there are 4.1 million apps in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. Plus, some of the greatest pieces of art don’t get recognised until after the artist has deceased, do they? Oh well, it was worth a try…

Except we know you better than that – you’re not prepared to give up on your app quite that easy. Nor should you. There are plenty of ways in which to boost the visibility of your app, it’s just a matter of knowing them.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways to get your app those downloads it so deserves:

Up Your Visual Game

Whatever it is you’re trying to market these days, you’ve got to go big on the visuals. As far as apps are concerned, these are the visual elements you can’t fail to include:

  • Screenshots. Such is the way our brains work these days, when we press on an app in an app store our eyes are immediately drawn to the screenshots. Make the most of this opportunity to show off your app by highlighting its great design and user experience, plus any key features that set it apart from other apps operating in a similar market.
  • Preview video. The very best way to demonstrate to users what your app does, however, is to produce a preview video. The most persuasive videos are professionally shot, have a punchy and informative script which is read by appropriately voiced narrator, and communicate what it is that makes the product (your app) different from the rest.

We’ve got tonnes more tips on building the best app for your business. Just download our free eBook to find out more.

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Get the Words Right

  • App titles. We include the app’s title in this, which is the most important part of app store optimisation. Your title needs to convey what your app does, but you also want to get some relevant keywords in there in an attempt to index better. Keep your title as succinct as possible, leaving the additional detail to the description, where you can roll out a few more keywords.
    Disclaimer: current thinking is that Apple doesn’t index descriptions, but it’s still important for attracting consumers and making you look professional. Plus, the Play Store does index descriptions.
  • If you have ambitions for your app to travel the world, you should look into getting your app translated into other languages so you can reach even more users.

Get the Word Out There

  • Social media. Social media is a great way to promote your app, but the key is to focus on the networks your customers spend the majority of their time. In a bid to really capture the attention of potential users, connect with mobile influencers to preach your app to their audiences.
  • Blogger outreach. In fact, influencer marketing will probably be key to spreading the word about your app. Blogger outreach campaigns go one further than social media influencer marketing as it involves writing about your app in detail – for instance, having them review your app.

Wait for the reviews to roll in…

With more downloads should (hopefully) come more reviews… which should lead to even more downloads – people trust other people. If you’re noticing a healthy upturn in downloads but not much in the way of reviews, encourage users to document their thoughts on your app. The benefits of receiving them is completely worth the embarrassment of having to ask, trust us.

Visuals and good reviews are just a few of the crucial in grabbing users' attention. Check out our free post-mobile app launch checklist for more!

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