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VLOG: iPhone X Unboxing

We've got the new iPhone. Check out our vlog below to see us unbox and react to it for the first time.

VLOG: iPhone X Unboxing from Compsoft Creative on Vimeo.

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Video Transcript

Dan: Our iPhones came today! Quite excited, so a little bit late. That’s Apple’s supply and demand issue. So this is our, for what it’s worth, unboxing, to get the various reactions of the team. We have 2 64GBs  and 1 256GBs.

Gary: Hello and welcome to the unboxing of the iPhone X.

Dan: Hehehe, I can’t believe I had to wait for this.

George: Right, so I’ve been asked to unbox the new iPhone X.

Gary: Really pretty excited about getting this open, so let’s crack on.

Dan: I’m not going to give you- well I could give you, it’s got lovely cellophane packaging around the outside edge.

George: The box is as you’d expect from an iPhone. Not much has changed over the years.

Dan: It’s… it’s…

Gary: Coming from a print background, quite like the packaging, nice kind of matte box there, the usual that you’d expect with iPhone.

Dan: It’s… it’s… it’s…

George: Whoosh! Lovely.

Dan: It’s… it’s…ahem... well, y’know, oh there we go!

Gary: Instructions and let’s have a quick look, obviously, the important apple stickers

George: Okay, standard Apple stickers, be sure to stick them on...nothing

Dan: I was going to say, that’s unusually difficult. Apple do do good packaging. Do do.

George: The device!

Dan: *gasp!*

Gary: And there we go. The iPhone X.

Dan: eeee.

George: Yeah, see, I run at a 6 and you can definitely, definitely feel the weight difference.

Gary: Not as heavy as I thought, I thought it was going to be quite heavy.

Dan: Gosh, look at that!

Gary: Now usually, I will keep these cellophane wrappers on for a good couple of days just from fear of scratching it but for you guys I think, let’s just go for it. There we go.

George: Can I, am I allowed to take the plastic off?

Dan: I want to get my face on it.

George: Oooh, that feels nice.

Gary: That’s really, really nice. Really shiny.

Dan: Eek.

George: Nice glass back. Yeah, lack of home button is striking isn’t it?

Gary: Until you actually get one in your hands, you don’t kind of realise how glassy it is, but it is really really nice.

Dan: I thought it was going to feel smaller ‘cause I’ve got the plus, that feels like a decent size.

George: I still really don’t like the bezel cameras but I don’t think they’ll ever get away from that now unless they make the phone bigger but I think that’s just something you’ve got to come to expect.

Gary: And we’ve also got the plug, we’ve also got headphones

George: And the gross, eurghhhhh, you see that, eurghhhhh

Dan: Nothing exciting

George: But in terms of the screen, the screen does look gorgeous and it is so visually different having the space by the status bar, you can see that. I think that’ll take some getting used to but I think it’s a good thing

Gary: There we go. Looking forward to getting this on and setting that up.

George: I’ll give it a solid 9/10. George approved!


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