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UX Award 2024 Finalists


The UK Dev Awards have selected Compsoft Creative as one of two FINALISTS for the 2024 Award for UX Design. 

small Compsoft UK Dev Awards 2024 Finalists AssetThe Award focusses on one of our recent IoT digital ecosystem projects within the smart living industry. The ecosystem serves both B2B and B2C end users with the purpose of reducing energy-use, and enhancing living experience and safety. The inherent nature of smart devices and their ecosystems is to improve UX. The ecosystem we designed and built for this project; apps, cloud component, web portals, has UX as the first consideration.

“UX design creates the environment for the whole ecosystem to be a success.”

“If the user requires extensive onboarding or instructions, you haven’t designed your app or portal properly”  Daniel Payne, Managing Director, Compsoft Creative

Compsoft Creative is delighted to be recognised as a team that deliver exceptional UX to our customers and their users and will continue to follow a user first methodology. 

The Compsoft Creative team would be delighted to work with you to develop your digital solution. If you have a project you are considering which requires a mobile app, IoT ecosystem, or interactive wearables, please get in touch! 

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Got a project? Let's work together

Compsoft is a remote working company except for Thursdays when we work together from the Alton Maltings in Alton, Hampshire (UK). Our registered address is detailed below. We'd be delighted to have either a virtual chat with you or to make arrangements to meet in person.