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Spatial Computing Revolution

Spatial Computing is here; with the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro

Vision Pro IllustrationThe Vision Pro opens a doorway to the integration of digital media and the physical world; a hybrid world where we can interact with our physical environment and the digital world. Interaction with the digital world is made possible with the use of motion gestures, eye tracking, speech recognition and multiple cameras.

As next generation and simplified models become more affordable, spatial computing devices are expected to become widely adopted alongside smart phones and tablets. In the not so distant future, spacial computing is perhaps even to replace all devices including the desktop computer. Main stream apps are already adapting to accommodate spatial computing technology. Apple announced, 1 February 2024, more than  600 new apps built for Vision Pro.

As always, Compsoft is ahead of the technical revolution and is the proud owner of some Vision Pro headsets purchased for R&D. Many apps and digital products across the board will soon be optimised for the technical and UX nuances of spatial computing.

We welcome and champion this new technology as an essential component of the solutions we provide. If a Spatial Computing App is part of your Digital Product strategy; please get in touch! 

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