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Six Skills You Need for a Successful App

I am amazed at how often people assume that all they need is a developer to make their app dreams come true... It takes a village people! (Not to be misread as the 'Village People' - talented though they are, app creators they are not).


In this VLOG I look at the six key skillsets required to have a successful app. On reflection I think I could have used each village person as an analogy for each skill...

  • The Construction worker is the Developer, he's the one that does all the work on the ground (did consider using the cowboy, but thought that would alienate my team!).
  • The Leather Man is the innovative BA, always looking at ways to be different and stand out from the crowd.
  • The "Indian" (these days known as Native American) is the creative force, in touch with nature and in harmony with the human spirit.
  • The Cowboy is the project manager, corralling the various work streams from the back of his mighty steed, using his trusty lasso.
  • The Policeman is the tester, making sure the app adheres to the law of the spec and arresting the developer for any cock ups.
  • The GI is the marketer, taking the message to all the nations of the world and... erm... shooting his gun. Okay this is a bit tenuous, sorry...

 Anyhoo - below is the VLOG - enjoy!

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