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How to Develop an App Idea

As mobile app developers, we often encounter creative, talented people who’ve just had “the best idea for an app ever”. And whilst their ideas for a mobile app may well be ground breaking – or even genius - there’s often no thought behind it past that lightbulb moment. 

Of course, you may well have genuinely had the best app idea ever, reader – in which case, well done you! But the idea by itself isn’t enough. Let us guide you through the next steps for giving your great idea some shape, taking it from the Best Idea Ever to the Best Mobile App Ever.

question it: is your mobile app idea really that good?

Having doubts about your app at this stage is a good thing. Questioning your idea will allow you to see if it’s really worth pursuing. Ask yourself these questions…

Why do I want to build it?
How do I want people to use it?

Start with what you know. You should build an app that you, and others you know, would find genuinely helpful – answering a specific need (whether your audience knows they need it or not). Would you use your app idea? If so, then you’ll have a great understanding of how it will work, how it could provide value, how it will help solve problems, how it would benefit someone and how it could make someone’s life easier.

But if you wouldn’t use it – why should anybody else?

Research it: mobile app competitors

If your idea has survived unscathed through the interrogation stage, the next step is to begin researching. Look in the App or Google Play Store and see if it’s already been done before. Don’t worry if it has – all this means is that there’s a lot of demand for your idea! And if there’s a lot of competition, you can figure out why yours is going to be better than everybody else’s by looking at what’s already there.

If there doesn’t seem to be any similar popular apps, or even many results, you may want to reconsider your idea. It’s a good indicator that there isn’t a high enough demand for your app and it might not be worth pursuing. There’s no such thing as an original idea, after all.

Share it: tell people about mobile app idea

It’s easy to fall in love with your app idea. Discussing it with others may be a sensitive issue. You might not want people to secretly nab your idea, take it and make it better or even criticise it, but it’s always useful to get a second pair of eyes or ears on it.

Talk to people you trust and who will be brutally honest with you. Ask them what they think. Would they use your app? You might not hear the answers you want, but just remember they’re helping you make your app be the best that it could be.

Yay! Time to get started.

So you’ve faced your biggest critics and you’re still feeling confident about your app…great! It’s time to get to work. You’ve got a few options now…

  1. Build the mobile app yourself.
  2. Get the app built for you by mobile app developers.
  3. Sell your mobile app idea. 

Building the mobile app yourself.

There are a variety of ways that you can build your app. Learn mobile app development and build the app yourself, learn enough coding to buy a template and customise it yourself, or use an app creating software.

This option is probably most viable for you if your budget is low, but it will require you to invest more time instead.

Get the app built for you by mobile app developers.

If you find that you haven’t got any time to build the app yourself, your best option is to get it built for you through an agency or a freelance mobile app developer. It’s probably the most expensive option but also the most reliable if you choose the right people to work with.

Sell your mobile app idea.

If neither of the above are feasible options for you, you have the option of selling your app idea. Make sure you’ve got a solid, thorough and clear plan that includes mock up designs, market research etc. before you pitch it.

You can find more information on selling your app here.

We hope we’ve been able to help you develop your app idea – good luck! If you'd like to learn more about building apps, check out our eBook!

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