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New Formworks Version Released


Formworks version 2.14, developed by Compsoft in partnership with Digital Field Solutions, is now live on the App Store. The award winning Formworks platform enables companies to easily create their own forms via a web GUI. Field based staff – for example salespeople, surveyors, facilities managers or auditors – then complete the forms on their iPad during a meeting or inspection.

Version 2.14 includes a brand new iPad interface updated in line with iOS8, as well as the following new features:

  • Forms can now access geo-location data from the device using dynamic scripting
  • Forms can be personalized by including the user's name in form text and captured data
  • Help Elements can be added to give users detailed information or instructions
  • Improved refresh/updating of form templates

“This release adds valuable new features and is part of an ongoing programme of enhancements” said Tim Howard, Director of Digital Field Solutions. “Our longstanding partnership with Compsoft has enabled us to deliver the most scalable, feature rich and best designed solution of its kind on the market.”

To find out more about Formworks or about Compsoft’s bespoke development services, please contact us.

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