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Formworks Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of Formworks was released to the Apple App Store this week. Formworks, from Digital Field Solutions, is the leading iPad forms app that cuts information processing and order completion time in half. Formworks consists of an iPad app and an intuitive back-end system which allows users to quickly and simply create flexible forms for deployment on the iPad.

“Partnering with Compsoft has enabled us to deliver exceptional functionality and usability” said Tim Howard, Director of Digital Field Solutions. “Compsoft’s knowledge of iPad interface design and development, their back-end systems expertise, and their detailed understanding of our requirements have all been key to the successful delivery of the project.”

New features in Formworks version 2.0 include:

Form Design Enhancements

The ability to:

  • add lines
  • change label font sizes
  • add hidden fields
  • add read only fields (useful for pre-fill data)
  • add buttons to activate scripts (e.g. field validation, calculation, data look-up).

Improved Form Pre-fill Process

The ability to:

  • upload pre-fill data via web service
  • set pre-fill forms so that they can’t be deleted from the iPad
  • view in progress pre-fill forms in a separate list on the iPad.

Enhanced Data Exports:

  • SFTP
  • web service
  • inclusion of form text labels and images in your output.

Form Submission

Options for:

  • previously submitted forms to be opened and reviewed on the iPad
  • previously submitted forms to be amended and re-submitted – great for forms like timesheets which are updated over time.

Web Service Look Up Fields Within Forms

Users will be able to access and retrieve information from remote databases. Great for addresses, client details or parts/stock look-ups.

To find out more about how Formworks can help your business, please contact us on 0845 3 70 72 74, or webcontact@compsoft.co.uk.

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