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Compsoft Delivers Freerunner Android App

Compsoft delivers its latest Android App - a WiFi hotspot finder for free WiFi provider Freerunner for use on a new Android Tablet device.

Freerunner has an aim to bring free internet access to everyone using big brand locations to host the network. This, it says, encourages business; Costa coffee shops benefit from sales as WiFi users enjoy coffee while surfing the net, or catching up with emails; visitors to Phones 4U can play with devices, connecting to the internet provides a better experience for customers checking out devices and impacts their choice of purchase.

Working with mobile phone supplier Phones 4U, Freerunner was invited to create an app for preload on to new Android devices that would illustrate a list of Freerunner WiFi hotspots based upon the geographic position of the user. With very tight timescales, Freerunner approached Compsoft.

Using Google Maps as the display mechanism, Compsoft created the geolocating application, enabling the user to view, not just where the hotspots are, but also to find out about the host be it a high street coffee shop, a community centre or a car showroom. And because it integrates with Google mapping services, the user is able navigate to the appropriate WiFi hotspot.


The Freerunner app, above, has been launched on the new Android device.

Compsoft is providing quality apps for use on Android tablets and smartphones as well as for other platforms including iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. If you would like to explore what is possible, please call on 08453 70 72 74.

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