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Compsoft Releases Apps for Moneypenny

Cementing its position as the leading provider of smartphone applications, Compsoft has delivered the business-focussed apps for use on iPhones and BlackBerrys by the customers of virtual personal assistants Moneypenny.


Moneypenny, as the name suggests, provides personal assistant services to businesses. A key part of the service is responding to phone calls while key business members are otherwise engaged. The apps complement Moneypenny's service offering, maintaining their position as an innovative business solution. Incorporating Bluesulphur designs to enhance the user experience, the applications enable Moneypenny's customers to connect remotely with their own personal assistants at the touch of a command within the app. Both apps allow the customer to set their status, using general ones like "in a meeting", or "at lunch" or even to define their own!

This is making Moneypenny's customer service delivery significantly more efficient, with personal assistants instantly aware of their customers' movements and the expected responses they give in response to forwarded telephone calls.

Information about this app is available on the App Store, although you need to employ Moneypenny's services to see it working!

If you would like to discuss how smartphone applications can help your business, please call on 08453 70 72 74.

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