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Everyday Golf Coach for iPad

Following the success of the Everyday Golf Coach for the iPhone, the iPad version goes live on the Apple's App Store.

PGA Instructor Noel Rousseau has seen some success with the golf improvement iPhone app and, on seeing what new capabilities the iPad has, took the decision to produce the enhanced version. This iPad app, the Everyday Golf Coach HD, is now live.


The iPad’s greater screen size affords more functionality so, as shown above, the new version of the Everyday Golf Coach means that viewers are able to watch the video while simultaneously reading the supporting notes. Additionally, the menu is usable while the video plays. This is in contrast with iPhone app, where the user needs to stop the video and go back through the menu system in order to access further content. And, of course, the iPad app can play full screen video. With the greater screen size, Noel went back to the edit suite to reproduce the videos to maximise their effect.

Compsoft, the leading application development house, is pleased with the resulting landmark iPad application. Having acquired an Apple iPad from the US on launch, played with it extensively, and already in the process of developing new apps, Compsoft realises the impact that the iPad, once released in the UK, will make.

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