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Everyday Golf Coach iPhone App is released

Compsoft plc is proud to announce the launch of two Everyday Golf Coach iPhone apps sold via Apple's App Store.


The apps have been designed and developed by Compsoft's in-house team of smart phone application developers.
The man behind the app, PGA Professional Noel Rousseau, came to Compsoft with a vision to expand his instruction. Knowing full well that you can not always have your instructor on hand when your ball is in the rough, or when faced by a demanding obstacle, Noel wanted to provide practical advice in a highly accessible way. The iPhone became the ideal solution.

Compsoft has created two versions of the Everyday Golf Coach app; a free 'Lite' version and one that can be purchased which has a complete range of video tutorials. Once downloaded, the user is able to select the required video and play it back without the need for wifi or 3G connection. In addition to the videos, there are notes highlighting the key messages of each video.

Both apps are available now, please click on the links below:

icon_golf_coach            icon_golf_coach_liteIf you are interested in developing a Smartphone application please call 08453 70 72 74.

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