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Smart Apps For Smarter Businesses

Hampshire based application development house Compsoft enhances commitment to development of solutions for Smart Phones.


Smart Phones are now a business necessity. First Blackberry and the iPhone were the business tools to have and now Android and Palm Pre are gaining respect. More and more businesses are seeing smart phones as not just nice-to-have gadgets, but as valuable assets that can enhance productivity and improve customer service.

Compsoft has been developing applications for mobile devices for several years initially on Windows Mobile, however, more recently our development teams have undertaken application development on mission critical solutions for iPhones, Android and other smart phones. Because of the demand in mobile application development, primarily due to the massive appeal of the iPhone, Compsoft has scaled up its research into development for Smart Phones.

If you are looking at how application development for smart phones can can transform your information management, please call us on 08453 70 72 74 for a no-obligation chat.

Got a project? Let's work together

Compsoft is a remote working company except for Thursdays when we work together from the Alton Maltings in Alton, Hampshire (UK). Our registered address is detailed below. We'd be delighted to have either a virtual chat with you or to make arrangements to meet in person.