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Compsoft Announces iPad Application Development

While the Yerba Buena Centre in San Fransisco is still buzzing and heaping praise over Apple's latest creation, Compsoft is proud to announce that it is offering Apple iPad application development expertise.

The new Apple iPad uses the same framework that Compsoft has been using to make business tools for Apple's iPhone, meaning that iPad application development will be able to commence immediately.
Compsoft is keen to exploit this new format; information about progress will be posted on this news feed and on the Developer Blog.

If you want to get ahead of the game and speak with an established iPhone application development partner, please call on 08453 70 72 74 to explore what is achievable.

Got a project? Let's work together

Compsoft is a remote working company except for Thursdays when we work together from the Alton Maltings in Alton, Hampshire (UK). Our registered address is detailed below. We'd be delighted to have either a virtual chat with you or to make arrangements to meet in person.