HenPecked, the iPhone App, is Released

HenPecked_Sm_SplashHenPecked - For the man who knows his place…

At last, a very good task manager with a much-needed dose of dry British humour comes to the App Store!

Compsoft and its in-house design agency Bluesulphur have released their first commercial iPhone application for sale on Apple's iTunes App Store. HenPecked, the tongue in cheek task manager for the iPhone, is targeted for 'The man who knows his place...' with features that enables the lady in his life to create and prioritise tasks with a range of views available. If he dares, he can even suggest his own activities that he would like to do.

HenPecked, the iPhone App, is now available for 59p from the iTunes store.

In addition to creating apps for sale on iTunes, Compsoft has created bespoke business focused applications for use on iPhones and other mobile devices. If your business is looking to maximise its use of iPhones and is considering developing an app, please contact us.

Compsoft plc, based in Hampshire, is a specialist application development house, providing bespoke software and website development. In-house design agency Bluesulphur delivers cutting-edge design services. Compsoft has recieved recognition as an approved iPhone developer by Apple.