The Waste Exchange


The Opportunity

Mr Hopkins works in the demolition and groundwork industry. He identified a need for a more efficient way to connect companies and people that collect building waste (such as top soil, crushed concrete etc) with demolition firms which create it. Being in the industry Mr Hopkins was keenly aware the time and cost of sourcing skips and trucks 

In 2003 Mr Hopkins proposed a website which offered these services. However with the dawn of the smartphone, he realised that the functionality was better placed on mobile devices. Workers in the industry are often on-site or mobile workers and by creating the solution for iPhones and Android devices, Mr Hopkins would be able to give users the ability to respond and react to requirements in a more efficient and timely manner.


The Alchemy

Working closely with Mr Hopkins, Compsoft Creative's team design and development mobile apps for Android and iOS, a web-based CMS and a brochure website. The design team produced the branding, user experience and graphical design for the whole solution. A focus was on simplicity the speed to allow user's to quick fine or post what they need and then get on with their day.

The app's dashboard has three sections; 'Watching' a list of all items the user has viewed, Recent listings in the user's favourite categories and Recent listings in all categories. 

Using a simple credit based system if a user decides they wish to contact the business that has waste, they simply unlock their contact details. 

The categories and prices for listing and contacting is all managed from a central CMS offering Mr Hopkins complete flexibility.



Since its launch the users of the system have been steadily increasing, with plans to expand the app's functionality to a web-front end for use on desktop.



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