Stride ID

The Opportunity

Leading sports footwear and clothing manufacturer, New Balance, is on a mission to improve the way it can find the best fitting running shoe for its customers. As such, New Balance is constantly innovating and looking at ways to integrate cutting edge technology into its in-store sales process.

Getting exactly the correct fitting shoe is not as straight forward as asking for a ‘size 5’ - especially when buying a running shoe. A wide range of factors can impact which shoe will be the best fit such as the way your heel strikes the ground; the position of your knee during your stride; the size of the arch on your foot, etc.

There are a number of different specialist companies providing clever data analysis tools which are used for foot and gait analysis. Usually these systems are the reserve of professional sport’s teams and athletes - however, New Balance wanted to make these innovative technologies available to its customers.

The challenge was to bring the best of these technologies together into a solution which made it easy for the store staff to use, and resulted in the customer getting the best possible fitting shoe.

The Alchemy

Compsoft Creative designed and developed an awesome iPad app, which combined a video gait analysis feature developed by Compsoft, and integrated with revolutionary 3D foot scanning hardware provided by Volumental. Working closely with the Volumental team, Compsoft developed an app which utilises a hybrid approach, seamlessly combining native and HTML technologies. The app was designed to be best in class and have an on-brand and awesome user experience, as the staff would be using it in front of customers.

The app allows the store staff to:

Take a one touch, timed video recording of a customer running on the in-store track

 - View side-by-side analysis of two videos, with choice of independent or simultaneous play, pause and fine scrubbing

- Add graphical annotation of paused videos to assist gait analysis and highlight important areas

- Take snapshots of the analysis images, which can also be sent to the client

- Take a 3D scan of the customers feet using the VANDRA

- View the app in their native language, including their local standard of shoe sizing

The Awesome

The Stride ID app has been rolled out over 66 stores across 20 countries. The app is currently core to the in-store user experience, ensuring the New Balance customers get the best possible fit for their shoes.

On-going evolution and innovation is planned for the Stride ID app as the internet of things brings new technology into this space.

Jonathan Clarke, International Retail Director of New Balance, had this to say about us and the project :-)

“The Compsoft team are a pleasure to work with. Their mobile expertise and attention to detail have ensured that Stride ID delivers a great user experience for customers across the world, amplifying the industry-leading retail experience New Balance is offering.”

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