Terms OF USE

Always follow official advice regarding COVID-19. For the latest advice check the below links:

UK Governmenthttps://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Below is some general guidance about how to use Community Beacon. We expect all users to follow these guidelines and users that cannot will be blocked from the system.

All users must provide their mobile phone number in order to sign up to Community Beacon.

Community Beacon does not allow for any transfer of funds or payment details. It is strictly forbidden to ask for, or provide payments or payment details of any kind. For example, Community Beacon should only be used to facilitate delivery of groceries for 'Click and Collect' orders.  

Users must be 13 or older.

Be polite. This is a time where we need to treat other with respect and kindness. If you can’t do that, don’t use this app.

To be clear, users must not use Community Beacon to insult, harass or in any other way cause distress to other users. 

Be safe. Social distancing guidelines are in place and we encourage you to adhere to them. If you are self isolating, do not open the door to anyone providing help. If they are dropping something off for you, have them leave it on the door step.

If you have any concerns about the behaviour of other users of the app, user the report & block mechanism in the apps.

Compsoft Creative cannot take any responsibility for the actions of users of this app and you use it at your own risk. If you are uncertain about the intentions of any user, you can block them in the app, and in serious cases you can report them to the relevant authorities.

Community Beacon stares the following information to other users of the app;

  • The phone number with which you signed up. This will be visible to other users in your local area (an area up to 10 miles from your current location or the location of the request for help).
  • Your approximate location (e.g town or village)
  • Basic information about thing with which you need help
  • Your profile picture if you were required to provide one

If you do not want this information shared to other users, please do not use Community Beacon.Users breaching any of these terms will be blocked from the system and in serious cases reported to the relevant authorities. 

View Community Beacon's full privacy policy here